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Knowledge is key to making business decisions! Use our blog to discover various business solutions, ecommerce website tips, and payment processor trends.

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Business Solutions Blog

Knowledge is key to making business decisions! Use our blog to discover various business solutions, ecommerce website tips, and payment processor trends.

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small business accounting blog

Small Business Accounting: Everything You Need to Know 

6 tips to simplify small business accounting Accounting is one of the most crucial functions necessary to run a business …
Guide how to use the tetra desk 3500

The complete guide to the Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500

Collecting payments made easy! Are you new to payment processing? We have a comprehensive guide to using the Ingenico Tetra …
Cartoon people sitting in a meeting with the header image saying 12 employee retention strategies

The 12 best employee retention strategies

12 effective employee retention strategies to implement at your workplace Do you want to minimize turnover and improve employee retention? …
Image of laptop on in a dark space with a header that says How to start and online business.

How to start an online business: inside tips from ecommerce entrepreneurs!

20 Steps to Start an Online Business Starting a business isn’t the easiest of tasks, but with the right intent, …
The ultimate small business tax preparation checklist

The Ultimate Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist

A guide to preparing for tax season as a small business Tax season can be stressful for anyone. The pressure …
Browser window on gradient background how to build a high converting website

5 of the best ways to increase website conversion

Is your website doing what it’s supposed to do? We believe it could do better! Your website is supposed to …
Santa with megaphone

10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Santa Claus This Christmas

Small Business Lessons to Learn from Santa’s Workshop You could spend all day learning about how to prepare your company …
Wrapped packages and small christmas tree in front of white brick wall

These 5 tips can boost your success as a small business during the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s already December, which means it’s just a matter of weeks until Christmas. As a …
How to sell products on amazon blog header

Amazon sellers can make $45,080 a year. Here’s how you can become one

Want to sell products on Amazon? We can help you get started. Online shopping is more popular today than it …

Anna Reeve Posts

Man worker and woman customer holding things talking

5 Customer Service Practices that Make Businesses Great

Want to retain customers and boost sales? Discover how… Customer experience is at the core of a successful business. Without …
Cartoon image of 7 small businesses on blue background. Dark blue text says "Black Friday ideas for small businesses" and red text says "free resources"

Best Black Friday Ideas for Small Business + Free Ad Templates

Look no further. We’ve got the best Black Friday ideas for small businesses, complete with your free resources. Here’s your …
Man sitting on computer with magnifying glass. Purple text says "SEO best practices"

Follow These SEO Best Practices and Start Ranking

Customers are searching for your site. To help them to find you, you’ll need to optimize your website. Here’s a …
Image of card reader and receipt. Green and blue text says "Payment processing vs payment gateway".

Payment Processing vs Payment Gateways: Why Businesses Today Need Both

Often, merchants incorrectly try to determine if payment processing vs payment gateway is better. Let’s take a closer look at …
Man in hood with darkened out face standing infront of glowing green binary numbers. Green text on the right side says "Cybersecurity for business"

The Best Cybersecurity for Business Tips

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses need cyber security. Stay safe online. Here’s our best tips on cybersecurity for businesses …
Person selecting 5 stars on computer. Yellow text on blue and green background says

Improve Online Reputation for Free with these Easy Steps

Control the narrative of your business and ensure you’re well-represented. 5 effective ways to improve online reputation for your business …
Two people sitting at table for interview. Black text on white background says "How to conduct an interview"

7 Tips for How to Conduct an Interview Successfully from an Expert

A successful interview can lead to a key hire. Learn how to conduct an interview so that you can find …
Yellow background with image of man looking up at black text that says

Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

Improve your business’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts with these social media marketing tips and best practices …
Man in his 50s on a beach. Yellow overtone with white text that says "Milestones in your 50s"

The Best Things to Do in Your 50s

This decade of your life is special. Here’s our list of the 7 best things to do in your 50s …
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Ariel Westphal Posts

Lawn Mower cutting grass

A Successful Seasonal Business Does 3 Things

Smart business decisions are required to effectively manage and operate a seasonal business around the Wichita, KS metro area …
Two bartenders attending to a busy bar

Use These Mindsets in Your Customer Service Techniques

Business has changed so dramatically over the past 100 years, even the last 50 years. From ‘ma & pop’ stores …
A crowd of people standing near food truck

The Competition Between Food Trucks and Restaurants

While it is nearly impossible to operate a restaurant solely online, there is a new age of “restaurants” that are …
Business man holding blank business card

Are Business Cards Irrelevant? Here’s Why We Still Believe In Them

“Does anybody really use business cards anymore?”. I get why they’re handy, obviously, but when we are living in a …
A tower of stones

The Importance of Work/Life Balance is Not Just for Fun

Whether you are a CEO, college-student or stay at home parent, creating a harmonious work-life relationship is crucial to leading …
Black mug that says Hustle

How to Have a Productive Day Even When You’ve Been In A Slump

Ever step into the office with the mindset of having a productive day, but you aren’t sure where to start? …
Title image for “The Positive Impact of New Technology on Business”. White text on gray background. A semi-transparent image shows a man at work using a laptop and utilizing new technologies for his job.

A Look at the Positive Impact of Technology on Business

The alarm goes off on your phone and before climbing out of bed you check emails, get a news update, …
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