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Payment Processing 101 E-Book

Credit card payment processing can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created this friendly e-book. Each chapter breaks down easy-to-understand concepts so you can process with peace of mind. Download our free e-book here and learn more about what we will do for your business.

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What it includes:

  • How credit card processing works
  • Payment processing definitions to know
  • Benefits of accepting card payments
  • High tickets and PCI compliance
  • What to look for in a payment processor
  • Navigating fees and statements
  • Types of hardware, software, and integrations

Payment Processing Flow: Key Players

A fictional credit card includes the name of the chapter, reading "The Payment Processing Flow: Key Players, e-book" against a background that shows a credit card reader terminal and the Acumen Connections payment processing logos. At the bottom, there is the phone number (316) 265-4477 and the website acumenconnections.com

Ever wonder how a business gets paid when a customer swipes their credit or debit card during checkout? This chapter covers the steps of a simple (but complex) process. Read on to learn how several elements work together to collect a payment.

Eliminate Payment Processing Fees in 3 Steps

Eliminate payment processing fees e-book cover

In this short e-book, Acumen Connections explains a simple 3-step process that will allow you to minimize your business’ processing fees.

No Card to Swipe? No Problem!

No card swipe? no problem! E-Book Cover

As a business, are you equipped to take all kinds of payments? Master the art of secure, yet effortless card-not-present transactions with our exclusive e-book.

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A collage of a green piggy bank, a poster than says "Eliminate payment processing fees in 3 steps" with a hand tapping a phone on a mobile card reader and the phone number 316-265-4477 and the email address acumensales@acumenconnections.com, and finally 4 $100 bills fanned out against a yellow circle background

Learn more about dual pricing and payment processors.

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Acumen has provided much more insight into this process and explained it in a way I finally understand the process front to back…it has helped tremendously to almost all areas of my business and most importantly: my bottom line!


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Acumen has been our processor for several years now and have been great to work with. Very helpful and extremely fair with their rates. Everyone has been great either on telephone or in person. Highly recommend.


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We definitely would and will recommend that anyone should use Acumen for their services. The people that have handled our account have been always very helpful. They have always answered all of our concerns and questions with easy to understand answers.


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