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Knowledge is key to making business decisions! Use our blog to discover various business solutions, ecommerce website tips, and payment processor trends.

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Business Solutions Blog

Knowledge is key to making business decisions! Use our blog to discover various business solutions, ecommerce website tips, and payment processor trends.

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Hands typing on a keyboard on white desk

8 Tips:Overcoming Procrastination at Work

Do you often find yourself scrambling to finish your to-do lists? Let’s explore ways to prevent falling too far behind …
Business Woman pointing

100 Small Business Ideas to Kickstart Your Journey

Looking to start a small business? Let’s explore a few small business ideas Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging …
Man worker and woman customer holding things talking

5 Customer Service Practices that Make Businesses Great

Want to retain customers and boost sales? Discover how… Customer experience is at the core of a successful business. Without …
Cartoon image of 7 small businesses on blue background. Dark blue text says "Black Friday ideas for small businesses" and red text says "free resources"

Best Black Friday Ideas for Small Business + Free Ad Templates

Look no further. We’ve got the best Black Friday ideas for small businesses, complete with your free resources. Here’s your …
Man sitting on computer with magnifying glass. Purple text says "SEO best practices"

Follow These SEO Best Practices and Start Ranking

Customers are searching for your site. To help them to find you, you’ll need to optimize your website. Here’s a …
Image of card reader and receipt. Green and blue text says "Payment processing vs payment gateway".

Payment Processing vs Payment Gateways: Why Businesses Today Need Both

Often, merchants incorrectly try to determine if payment processing vs payment gateway is better. Let’s take a closer look at …
Man in hood with darkened out face standing infront of glowing green binary numbers. Green text on the right side says "Cybersecurity for business"

The Best Cybersecurity for Business Tips

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses need cyber security. Stay safe online. Here’s our best tips on cybersecurity for businesses …
Person selecting 5 stars on computer. Yellow text on blue and green background says

Improve Online Reputation for Free with these Easy Steps

Control the narrative of your business and ensure you’re well-represented. 5 effective ways to improve online reputation for your business …
Two people sitting at table for interview. Black text on white background says "How to conduct an interview"

7 Tips for How to Conduct an Interview Successfully from an Expert

A successful interview can lead to a key hire. Learn how to conduct an interview so that you can find …

Anna Reeve Posts

Milestones in your 40s header image

Life after 40: Milestones to accomplish in your 40s

Life after 40 comes with new opportunities in both life and work! Here’s our top pick of the 7 best …
People talking over coffee. Brown color shade over image. White text says "Milestones in your 30s"

The Best Things to Do In Your 30s

Turning 30 is a mega life event. It’s the perfect time to start and accomplish new goals! Here’s the best …
Five young friends walking around a downtown area with a header that reads Milestones in your 20s

The Best Things to Do In Your 20s

Here’s our list of the seven best things to do in your 20s. These personal and professional goals are perfect …
Old Mill Tasty Shop restaurant

Do You Know the History of Old Mill Tasty Shop? Here’s How One of Wichita’s Favorite Local Businesses Got Started

The story of beloved restaurant, Old Mill Tasty Shop, provides a clear lesson on why it’s important to support local …
Image of small retail store on a dark blue background. Test in the front says "Buy Local Wichita"

Think you know all the ways to stay in the local-business loop? Follow BuyLocalWichita: The Newest Way to Support Local Wichita Businesses

Buy Local Wichita was created to encourage Wichita residents to shop local for great deals. Learn about the new website …
Pictures of the payment processor Acumen Connection's team members on a dark blue and green background with the text

Meet the Acumen Connections team–and check out their favorite blogs (bonus!)

The friendly payment processor team at Acumen Connections wants businesses to grow. Here they share their favorite small business resources …
Red white and blue imagery. A collage of cartoon beer, popsicles, and fireworks. Text says "4th of july sales ideas"

These 5 hot tips can boost your 4th of July sales + free ad templates

Preparing your business for Independence Day weekend? Check out these patriotic 4th of July ad ideas for your small business …
White text "Keep up with the latest business trends" on blue background. Image of woman sitting at desk in a bright white office.

6 business newsletters you didn’t know you need to start following

Keeping up with the trends in business is a must. Explore our list of the best business newsletters for business …
10 Best Employee Benefits Blog Thumbnail

10 Best Employee Benefits for Better Recruitment and Retention

Hiring in 2021? Discover the best employee benefits and perks that candidates are looking for …
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