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Life after 40: Milestones to accomplish in your 40s

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7 things to do in your 40s

Life after 40 can look a little different. But there are still plenty of milestones and goals to aim for. With your 20s and 30s behind you, are you excited about this new phase of life? Are you ready to embrace it all? Your 40s might just be your best decade yet!

Some of you might be spotting a few silver strands in your hair while others are sporting the salt-and-pepper look with panache. But more than ever before, you now have a sense of accomplishment for making it this far in life.

If not, you can refresh yourself:

Your 40s aren’t like anything you’ve experienced before. Along with physical changes, you also undergo psychological and emotional changes.

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The good news is that one survey found that life is better once you turn 40. 40-year-olds tend to face less stress. They also tend to feel happier and more confident too. We want your 40s to be the best decade you’ve experienced. It can be done if you make up your mind.

Most people love milestones! The sheer satisfaction of checking something off a list is reason enough to have a list in the first place. Your milestones today might be different from those in your younger years. And different is good!

We’ve compiled a concise list of milestones one can consider in their 40s. This list isn’t set in stone and is open to modifications as you see fit. Let’s check out these milestones below:

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1.     Career growth and promotion:

Most 40-somethings are in a stable career, and it might be a great time to chase that promotion you’ve always wanted. Or offer to take on more responsibility around the workplace. It is important to have goals and a plan to achieve them. If you need further training to climb the ladder, consider getting trained. Developing and polishing new skills will help you stay on top of your game and be a better employee.

Want to take on leadership roles? Here’s our list of the top skillsets for leaders:

2.     Continuing education:

A lot of people in their 40s consider going back to college because a degree could open new doors for them. This could be an opportunity to get your masters. Graduate school is very demanding and so the decision needs to be made after sufficient research. There are some folks who consider a career change, and it calls for specialized training. We recommend getting all the training and education you need while keeping in mind the costs and commitments involved.

3.     Prioritizing your health:

Your physical health may be in great condition, but your body can’t take what it could in your 20s. It is advisable to eat healthy and stay active while limiting alcohol, nicotine, and tobacco consumption. Seeing your doctor routinely is one way to stay proactive in regard to your health and wellness. If you’re at risk for certain ailments, you need to get screened if possible. Your mental health is just as important as your physical wellbeing. Adults deal with stress constantly, and it takes a toll on the psyche. Burnout doesn’t just impact students. Burnout can impact anyone’s day to day. Take time to practice meditation and consider seeking therapy. Learn other ways to recover from burnout.

4.     Mastering your finances:

There are a few elements that make up your finances. As someone in their 40s, you need to have an emergency fund that covers a few months of living expenses in case there is an unexpected event in your life. It is a safety net in case something unfortunate happens or if you lose your job. An emergency fund brings peace of mind and can help relieve stress. The second thing you need to have is a retirement account. Saving for retirement can make your golden years comfortable. Parents are advised to set money aside for a college fund. Maintaining a good credit score can make an enormous difference in several areas. We recommend establishing and maintaining a budget for expenses to save money.

5.     Making upgrades:

If you’re making good money and your finances have never looked better, you might have the option to make a few upgrades. This isn’t mandatory, of course. Your 40s are an amazing phase in your life. A lot of people start dressing better and upgrade their wardrobe. Investing in a few classic pieces can significantly elevate your sense of style. Check out:

Some 40-somethings trade in their cars to get a new ride. Home renovations are another pursuit you might want to consider. There are people who invest in a new home or have new additions made on to their property. All these upgrades are optional and advised only if you have the means for them.

6.     A new hobby:

This doesn’t have to be something over the top or extreme unless that’s what you want. Any activity that brings you joy can become a hobby. A lot of people choose golf or fishing. Both of these are excellent choices. Some choose gourmet cooking, scrapbooking, winemaking etc. Others go for refurbishing furniture, gardening, or learning to play a musical instrument. People often say that if you, “do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Most individuals think that means finding a passion project for your career. That’s not always the case though. Sometimes finding a hobby for your evenings is enough to keep you motivated throughout the day at work.

7.     Improving relationships:

Human relationships can be complex. And as you age, you realize that life can be unpredictable. People lose loved ones to all kinds of calamities. Making amends with estranged family and friends is never a bad idea. Working on becoming a better spouse and parent is something we all need to be consistent with. Open and honest communication is essential to improving relationships. Our relationships and the people we love are important. It is time to show you care.

Life after 40 is amazing

In conclusion, we would like to affirm that your milestones are unique to you. This is merely a list of suggestions that aim to improve your quality of life. Adding milestones that are more tailored to your personal goals would make total sense. We encourage you to focus on your health and finances along with your relationships as you enter this new phase of life.

Your hopes and dreams are always within reach if they’re realistic and achievable. Even the out-of-the-box ones can be attained if you have the drive and put in the work. We hope you meet all your milestones in this decade. Your goals and dreams are abstract if you don’t have a plan of action. Set reasonable deadlines to accomplish the smaller tasks as you chase bigger goals.

Let us know what else you want to accomplish in your 40s.

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We hope our list offers some sort of direction as you navigate life after 40. The milestones on our list can be used as guidelines to make your 40s as fruitful as you could possibly imagine.

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6 thoughts on “Life after 40: Milestones to accomplish in your 40s”

  1. Thanks, this has really helped me, was in a very akward position, was about to give up, i had a feeling ts late to amount to anything having not done much before 40, am now 43 and with these suggestions, am sure my life will change because am ready.

    1. Acumen Connections

      So glad you found this article helpful! It’s never too early or too late in life to accomplish something. Being ready for change is half the battle. From there, all you have to do is break up big goals into smaller, more achievable ones. We believe in you!

  2. I am 42 and I am frustrated about what to do now in my life. I have MS but I’m doing much better. Please help.

    1. Acumen Connections

      I have a family friend with MS, it can be hard. We’re glad to hear you’re doing better! The milestones you set for yourself are unique to you. This list is merely a collection of suggestions. Our goal with this article is to show stepping stones that many people in their 40s are considering, and that it’s never too late to start something new. People seem to like the guidance. It’s not like there’s a handbook for life. If you don’t mind us asking, are you feeling more frustrated with career/work, or family/friends right now? Or something else? Your answer can shine light on what to focus on first.

  3. Am 39 will be 40 by next year February and I feel so old to do anything. I feel like it’s already late for me to do anything.

    1. Acumen Connections

      You’re never too old to do something new! I have two friends in their 40s currently earning specialized advanced degrees. They both made complete career changes, not so that they’d make more money, but so that they could do something for work they actively enjoy. You maybe don’t have to make such as big of a life change as them. But there are small things you can do each day to shape your life over time.

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