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Stay Inspired at Work with these Core Values

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“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Working the same job day in and day out and dealing with the same people, projects, and space constantly can get boring. Feeling stagnant and tired of your job is a common side effect of getting just a little too used to what you’re doing, and you may sometimes feel as though you’ve hit a wall where nothing is changing or exciting.

Seeking inspiration and motivation to make your work seem more lively and pleasing can feel like a chore as you settle into the same old routine. We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep your job from feeling like too much of a hassle and, instead, bring back some vivaciousness to your workplace.

Find New Insight

Sometimes, seeing things from a new perspective is all you need to relight the inspiration you were missing. Make new friends, meet up with coworkers, reach out to other people in your field – have conversations with people you don’t normally spend time around. Ask them about their ideas and insights. You might be surprised at what you can gain from the opinions of other people!

Take a Vacation

Getting out of the office isn’t always good enough to clear your head. Getting out of the city and into a completely new environment with unfamiliar places and things can spark your imagination. Forgetting about work for a few days can also make you feel fresher and rejuvenated when you do get back into the swing of things. Take a weekend to yourself and get out into the world – if the inspiration won’t come to you, go to the inspiration.

Get Competitive

A good source of ideas can come from the drive to be better. Whether that’s better than your coworkers or other businesses, thinking about what you can attempt to get ahead can lead to a spike in motivation and a list of new things to try.

Seeking improvement means you will be more focused and more goal oriented, both things that will improve your work and your work experience and potentially lead to innovation.

Keep Learning

You can never know too much. Read motivational books and informative articles. Research your field and take note of what’s new, what’s working, and even just what’s happening. Take courses about topics you feel are interesting or would benefit you in your workplace. Educating yourself on your own job can lead to better understanding tasks and make you a better employee.

Celebrate Successes

Reward yourself and your successes! Even if your success is as small as catching up on your emails or getting all your papers filed, you can still revel in your accomplishment with a treat like a piece of candy or a five-minute break. For the bigger successes, like finally finishing a big project or getting a promotion, take yourself out to dinner or buy yourself a new piece of jewelry.

Give back to yourself for working hard and you’ll find you have something to look forward to!

Keep Track of Positivity

Keep a notebook or journal on hand and jot down the positive, happy things happening in your life. Maybe you lost a couple pounds or received a compliment. Maybe you had a really good muffin for breakfast or found your new favorite song. Maybe the sun is back after a week of rain. Maybe it’s all the above! Jot a few things down every day to remind yourself of the good. Reflect on it when you’re feeling stuck.

Practice the 50/10 Rule

Working too long can make your tasks and work day feel daunting. Prioritize your tasks by making a list from most important to least important and get started from the top. For every 50 minutes you work, take a 10-minute break. This will give your mind the chance to reset and put you in a better position for diving into each task.

Don’t let your job get the best of you! There’s always something that can be changed to improve your work experience – sometimes you just have to look for it. Take our advice and focus on bringing the spirit back into your career.

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