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We Specialize in These Payment Processing Services and More

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A quick rundown of what Acumen Connections can do for you…

We’ve said it (more than) once and we’ll say it again – Acumen Connections is a payment service provider. This means we can set up your business with the ability to accept any and all forms of electronic payments. We have our services listed all over our site, such as in-person checkout or online checkout solutions. For those of you just browsing or looking for a condensed version of what we offer, we put together an overview of the services we provide.

Payment Processing

As a business owner, you know how important it is to make your customers’ experience the best it can be. Part of this comes from having a smooth, no hassle and convenient payment processing system capable of accepting both credit and debit cards. Offering multiple payment options will assist in maximizing your business’ incoming cash flow. Acumen Connections will work you to select the right payment processor for your business based on your needs.

Check Processing

If you want your business to be able to process checks, a component that has long been important to business revenue, Acumen is in conjunction with check service providers to offer you a selection of options for check acceptance. Whether your business is small or large, we can provide you with a check processing solution to increase the amount of payment options you offer your customers.


Do you run an online business or have a website with purchase attributes? We have online solutions for you! Acumen can provide your Internet-based business with the ability to accept payments quickly and safely from anywhere in the world – all your customers will need is an Internet connection and a form of payment!

Mobile Commerce

Constantly on the go or have a business that moves around? Or maybe you just like the ease of mobile devices? It’s possible to process payments no matter where you are with our mobile processing solutions. Just add a card reader to your mobile device – Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, – download an app, and you’re all set. As long as you have wireless access, you’ll be readily able to process payments anytime, anywhere.

Additional Services

Acumen can also provide your business with Gift Card and Stored Value programs put together specifically to do good for your business. No matter your business, gift cards and value programs give customers an incentive to spend their money with you. Easy to use and beneficial to both your business and your customers, these forms of payment are sought after by consumers, making them essential for your business!

When we call ourselves a payment service provider, we mean it. Simply send us an email or give us a call at (800) 864-4644 with your questions and inquiries and we’ll get in contact to discuss your specific business needs with you in order to offer you a solution perfect for your business. You can also fill out an application with your business information for us to review and get to know your business to determine a good service for you. Soon we’ll also be providing you with a rundown of the products that go with our services. Acumen Connections, helping you Get Paid.

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