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Small Businesses Fight Coronavirus, Too

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How Companies of All Sizes Are Joining the Fight Against Coronavirus

As the pandemic continues, so does the relentless news coverage. That is why we are bringing some positivity your way! People on walks seem friendlier. Younger individuals are volunteering to help the elderly. Communities are coming together. Even companies are staying open to help stop COVID-19.  

That’s right! Many companies are doing what they can to help the community with COVID-19. National and local companies are playing a part. Some are selling new products, and some are giving away free items. Helping the community is likely the true motivation for these companies. However, it would be impossible to ignore some of the mutual benefits these companies might be seeing. Their new efforts might have labeled them an essential business, identified a new revenue source, or even gotten them free publicity. There is nothing wrong with those benefits. Ultimately, companies are helping a lot of people. Those benefits are just a byproduct of their services.  We think what these companies are doing is great! They are helping so many people during a difficult time. They are helping the community. 

Every company is going to be different. Some companies may want to help and be able to help. Other companies may not be able to help. Others may not want to help. All these responses are okay. Wondering how your business can get involved by helping with COVID-19? You will want to read this article for ideas! If you are not interested or able to help, that is okay too. This article can still bring a little positivity to your day!

Technology and Engineering Are Playing a Major Part in Healthcare

One of the most obvious examples would be car manufacturers producing ventilators. A major symptom of COVID-19 is shortness of breath. If a person has a bad enough case, they might require a ventilator. People cannot get the medical attention they need if there is a shortage. There is currently a ventilator shortage in New York and around the country. Ford and GM were the original companies that offered to produce ventilators. GM is planning to make 200,000, and Ford plans to produce 50,000 by July. Recently, Tesla has joined the group as well. They have not provided as many details yet though. 

Local Businesses Are Helping Too

A lot of the media is covering large national corporations. These corporations are making huge financial donations and repurposing their factories. That is not as easy for a smaller, growing business. However, there are local businesses that are getting involved too!  There is a small quilt shop in Springfield offering free supplies for facemasks. Customers can go home, sew the masks, and donate them to a local hospital. A canoe company in Hawaii is producing plastic face shields for doctors. They were able to hire back 2/3 of their team. Even Wichita has a local brewery making hand sanitizer! There are a lot of different opportunities even for local stores.

The Food Service Industry Is Helping Combat COVID-19

Restaurants are playing a part too. Have you heard of the campaign called Pizza vs. Pandemic? Some pizza shops have been donating boxes of pizza to hospitals across the country. Some restaurants are funding the pizzas via donations. We are not sure if anyone is doing a “buy a pizza give a pizza” promotion yet, but that is another possibility. It is not just pizza parlors getting involved.  Considering the grocery shortages, Panera has started selling some groceries. You can order bread, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables from select locations. 

How You Can Get Involved

We realize there will be companies that are unable to help right now for different reasons. That is okay. You alone are still capable of making a difference. If you really want to help, you can volunteer. You can even make a bigger effect my inviting a whole team to participate. Of course, some will not want to, and that is okay too. You could try to sign up to volunteer with meals on wheels. If your local program is not adding new volunteers right now, you can check online in your area to see what other opportunities there are.

Companies that are helping with the COVID-19 program are having a helpful effect on their communities. Some positive effects include helping the others affected by sickness, helping prevent the spread of disease, or even increasing the employment rate. We are glad companies are interested in participating. It reminds us that we are all human. We share this one planet together. If you have considered getting involved, now might be a good chance. If you are not interested or unable to help, that is okay. Hopefully this list at least brightened your day. 

Have you heard other positive news recently about companies joining in to help stop the virus? Are you currently doing something to help? Comment below and share!

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