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These Small Office Layout Ideas Improve Morale—Really!

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How to Decorate Your Office Building

Thinking of renovating your company’s office? Read this first! A well-designed office space can boost employee morale. You might not be able to afford a brand-new building for your business. That is why we have created this list of affordable remodel ideas.

Did you know that most renovations costs about $200 per square foot? Renovations and remodels can add up fast. Most small businesses cannot spend that much on office renovations. Many technology and entertainment companies know how to decorate. We have taken a look at some of the best office remodels, and created a more affordable list. You can take elements of these designs and incorporate them into your office. Some of these designs may help increase employee productivity and morale.

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Photo credit: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-7-innovative-office-spaces-designed-spark-creativity

Many companies know how to decorate. Think of offices like Google and Unilever. They are known for their layout and design!  They understand the importance of having a unique design. It can help encourage creative and innovative thinking. You might not need to install a slide or video game room into your office. However, there are a lot of other sneaky designs you can implement into your building. These designs can boost employee morale and foster productivity.

Add More Natural Light

You might not have the funds to construct a whole building like the Selgas Cano Architecture Office in Spain. However, you can copy the use of natural light. Remove curtains or add another window. This increases natural sunlight and makes the building feel open. There are a lot of health benefits with natural light. The sun can boost vitamin D, ward off seasonal depression, and more. It can also help lower your electricity bill if you can turn off half of your lights during the day.

Remove Distractions

You do not need to build Google egg pods around the office, but setting up a “quiet zone” can really help improve productivity. If you have a spare office or room in the building, consider making it a quiet space for employees to work without distraction. A noisy office environment can quickly kill productivity.

Meeting Room Décor Ideas

A whiteboard wall can help with idea building and sales presenting. If you have multiple stores scattered across one location, a large printout map can help you easily identify location trends. Both of these ideas would work wonders in a meeting room. 

Improve Employee Health

More and more offices have a gym so that employees can take an hour or two out of their week to work out. There have been a lot of studies that find physical exercise can help improve mental health and alertness. If designing a whole gym is too expensive, see if you can partner with a local gym to hold a private employee only class once a week. There may be a discount if a lot of people sign up.

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