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In-person Checkout

Transform in-store purchases. Explore credit card reader solutions and strategies to enhance your checkout and optimize your credit card processing experience.

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woman holding stack of money and counting

The COVID-19 Cash Question: Yep, Cash is Dirty

Companies Only Accepting Credit Cards to Help Slow the Current Spread We love cash. Unlike credit cards, if you find …
VX520 Partial Download Update Instructions

VX520 Partial Download Update Instructions

Verifone is requiring all merchants update their terminal with a partial download. This is a simple process that most of …
view of chic and modern retail store

The Powerful Logic Behind Store Interior Ideas

Thinking of renovating your retail store? You will want to read this first. When renovations are done well, they can …
customers sitting at coffee shop and barista behind espresso machine

The Best Restaurant Credit Card Processing System for You According to Payment Experts

Looking for a credit card processing for your restaurant, bar, or liquor store? Look no further. Acumen Connections has 22 …
puzzle of three dollar signs on table

How Adding Customer Financing Options Can Improve Your Sales: The Guide to Boosting a Small Business

Ideas for Improving Your Accounts Receivable Process Ever had a customer interested in making a large purchase at your store, …
That high ticket flag could save you from getting charged back thousands of dollars

Having A High-Ticket Item Flagged Sucks, But It Can Save Your Business In The Long-Run

Your bank calls to tell you that your card was just used to make a payment for $2,000 in a …
"PCI Compliance can save you from being sued" on a white brick background in colorful text

PCI Compliance Can Save You From Being Sued

Let’s just jump straight to the point: do you want to be the reason that your customer’s identity is stolen, …
business men shaking hands over table

We Specialize in These Payment Processing Services and More

A quick rundown of what Acumen Connections can do for you… We’ve said it (more than) once and we’ll say …
Why Acumen Connections is the Right Choice for your Seasonal Business

Introducing Payment Processing for Seasonal Businesses

Why should you choose Acumen Connections? Let us tell you …
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