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Augmented Reality Marketing Is Here—And It Looks Promising

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Over the last 60 years, virtual reality (VR) has continued to grow. It is slowly becoming a part of every-day life. For the most part, people are excited about the opportunities it brings. They see the potential for it to be used across a number of industries, especially in sales and marketing.

The technology has been around since 1957, but the term “virtual reality” was first used in the 80s. Today, there are a lot of different views towards VR technology, but the overwhelming response still seems to be positive. A number of fields are excited for what VR technology can mean for them. The medical field sees opportunity for therapy, pain management, and surgical training. The housing industry sees opportunity for staging, property showcases, and providing tenants with information. Even the entertainment industry sees opportunity for movies and video games. 

Today we’ll discuss the opportunity that VR technology brings to sales and marketing across all industries.

How VR Can Be Used in Sales and Marketing

Imagine being able to test out a product before purchasing it. The pictures or video of an Amazon product are already helpful. However, VR could help your experience become more “real”. VR companies are constructing gloves that let you touch and feel items too. Within the next few years it is very likely you will be able to feel the material that a shirt or pair of pants are made out of before buying.

VR has more uses than just clothing sales. What about items that have not been made yet? Imagine being able to walk through a redesigned kitchen that has not been built. Imagine being able to sit in the driver’s seat of a car that has not been released. These realities are possible.

How VR Is Improving Sales and Marketing

There are two things that can improve sales: engagement and emotional connection. These techniques can be seen almost anywhere. Companies offering free samples, dealerships letting you test drive a car, and even businesses bringing a prototype are all examples. It is the same reason most pet stores let you play with their puppies for sale. They are betting that you will envision playing with the puppy in your own house. With that mental image, it becomes almost impossible to not become attached. If you are already attached, then you may feel like you have to buy it that day. Companies know that when you see something, interact with it, and have an emotional connection, it improves sales. You are much more likely to buy the product this way.

That is where VR can help sales. You can see and interact with a product or service from the comfort of your own home. That interaction allows you to visualize using that item every day. It makes the possibility of buying that item a reality. Once that image is there, it is difficult to get out of your head.

How Companies Are Already Incorporating VR in Sales

Many companies have already integrated VR into their sales! Some hotels offer VR tours of their rooms so that travelers know what to expect. It allows potential customers, located halfway around the globe, to know what they are signing up for during their travels. Furniture stores are showing their virtual catalogs at events. Letting customers see a product even before manufacturing starts. Even real estate companies are using VR technology. It allows them to showcase properties to buyers that live thousands of miles away.

Using VR at Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events

Conferences, trade shows, and events are a great opportunity for VR sales. VR is still a new and trending technology. When we see others with a VR headset on, we become peaked by curiosity. Passersby may wonder, “What do they see? Can I try?” to themselves. That is why booths with VR technology often have a line of people waiting to learn more. You become the coolest booth in the building that everyone wants to visit. Having VR tech at a trade show helps increase market reach and brand awareness!

Using VR at Sales Meetings

For big purchases and B2B sales, often people want to meet in person. They are interested in a sales representative’s pitch. For years, successful salespeople have brought printouts, a PowerPoint, or even a prototype with them. These tools allow them to have an interactive presentation. With VR technology, all they have to do is bring in the goggles and program. This is the most interactive form of sales presentation yet! Potential customers get to see the product first-hand. It helps solidify the idea that this is the right product for them. VR can help persuade shoppers to buy.

VR technology also opens up the possibility of being able to improve digital meetings. Skype is great, but now sales presenters can keep the same level of interaction. Since VR technology is digital, it can easily be sent to a potential client. They do not have to be in the same room as the seller to experience the product.

Have you used VR technology? What was your experience? Did you enjoy it, or were you not a fan? Would you use it again? Comment below!

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