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5 Main Reasons Social Media is the Future of Your Business

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Getting your brand out there has never been so easy…

Social media plays a large part in the modern world. Studies show that 70% of Americans have at least one social media account, often more, and over 3 billion people in the world are active social media users. In addition, 90% of marketers say that using social media to promote their business increased their exposure.

Basically, that’s a lot of people loving and using social networks. If your business doesn’t have a social site presence (such as a Facebook page, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram account or all of the above), you may be missing out on some serious growth potential. Not only that, social media is a cheap – mostly free! – way to get the name of your business out there. Cleaning services, florists, restaurants, and even dental offices have active social media presence where they showcase their services and their employees. Need more convincing? Read on.

Before we get started, check out this super cool infographic full of facts and statistics about the internet and its users. Some of them are surprising!

Brand Awareness and Relevance

Almost half of the world uses social networks. What better way to promote your business and get people to see your product or service than by bringing your brand to a platform everyone is already using? Whether consumers are scrolling through Twitter or browsing Facebook, posting on social media gives casual social site users and potential customers the opportunity to see your business.

Additionally, individuals are more likely to spend money on businesses who are on social media and prove that they’re in with the times.

Communication and Presence

Social media makes it easier for current and potential customers to connect with you and your business. By giving them easy access to see what your brand is all about as well as allowing them the opportunity to reach out in a familiar way, people will feel as though your business is approachable and more “human.” They can stay up to date with the information you put out and easily contact you with questions or feedback.

Actively posting will make customers feel more comfortable with your business – consistently seeing your business name on posts will leave a mark on their mind.

Brand Promotion and Traffic

Putting ads on social media – whether for new products, to promote your business, or otherwise – will catch the eye of interested individuals. Social media makes it easy for them to simply click on your ad or profile and get the information they’re looking for, rather than having to actively search. This ease of access will bring more traffic to your brand as your business’ name spreads and interest spikes.

Competition Tracking

Keep an eye on your competition and see what they’re doing on social media by following their accounts. This is an easy way for you to keep tabs on your competition, so you can gather more information on how to beat them.

News and Analytics

Social media is loaded with information. By following accounts, you can learn more about what other businesses are doing and what’s happening in the business world. As you make posts and gain followers, you can learn from the success rate of your posts and accounts (based on likes, follows, reposts, product sales after media promotion, etc.) what kind of thing is most popular and profitable in relation to your business.

The point is – don’t be afraid to use social media! Social media is a simple tool to promote your business and gain knowledge and customers. Start with an account or two, post images of your products and descriptions of your services, and get your name out there. You might be surprised by just how much attention social networking can garner!

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