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White text on gray background that reads "The Essential Online Tools That Your work-from-home team needs today"

The 6 Best Work-From-Home Tools, According to a Remote Manager

Six of the Best Apps That Revolutionize the Way We Work Remotely Remote work was becoming a quickly growing trend …
Business man in suit standing in front of brick wall

The Best Career Advice We Have Ever Received – Have You Tried These Yet?

7 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs and Employees Fortunately, some of the best lessons I have had in life all …
top down view of desk with books, pen, iron, and piece of paper on desk

Our Marketing Manager Recommends Starting these Marketing Basics Today

You can start your marketing journey today! All you need is internet, a few hours, and about $20. You do …
customers sitting at coffee shop and barista behind espresso machine

The Best Restaurant Credit Card Processing System for You According to Payment Experts

Looking for a credit card processing for your restaurant, bar, or liquor store? Look no further. Acumen Connections has 22 …
interviewer giving interview in room

Interview Questions to Ask a Nervous Candidate

If you are currently growing your business, this may be one of the first times that you find yourself in …
laptop against abstract wall with logo design on screen

Rebranding? How to Create a Logo According to Our Designers

Understanding the Design Process We are exposed to hundreds of logos daily, and yet some seem to stand out more …
girl using illustrator on laptop in workplace

Ready for a Refreshed Logo? Here’s What Our Design Team Recommends

Ready for a Refreshed Logo? Here’s What Our Design Team Recommends Who knew the life of an entrepreneur would be …
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