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Protect your digital assets. Implement security strategies to safeguard your business.

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Man in hood with darkened out face standing infront of glowing green binary numbers. Green text on the right side says "Cybersecurity for business"

The Best Cybersecurity for Business Tips

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses need cyber security. Stay safe online. Here’s our best tips on cybersecurity for businesses …
lock on metal door

Tips to Be Safe Online [From a Payment Processor Obsessed with Security]

What your small business needs to do to build and retain consumer trust …
That high ticket flag could save you from getting charged back thousands of dollars

Having A High-Ticket Item Flagged Sucks, But It Can Save Your Business In The Long-Run

Your bank calls to tell you that your card was just used to make a payment for $2,000 in a …
"PCI Compliance can save you from being sued" on a white brick background in colorful text

PCI Compliance Can Save You From Being Sued

Let’s just jump straight to the point: do you want to be the reason that your customer’s identity is stolen, …
business men shaking hands over table

We Specialize in These Payment Processing Services and More

A quick rundown of what Acumen Connections can do for you… We’ve said it (more than) once and we’ll say …
mouse hovering over the word security on computer

Essential Cyber Security Tips for Your Business

“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.” – Newton Lee …
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