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Protect yourself from this credit card fraud trend blog thumbnail

Does Your Processor Offer Credit Card Fraud Detection?

Credit card fraud detection is vital for your business. Discover more… A growing number of small businesses are being targeted …
VX520 Partial Download Update Instructions

VX520 Partial Download Update Instructions

Verifone is requiring all merchants update their terminal with a partial download. This is a simple process that most of …
woman drinking coffee and woman eating ice cream in waffle cone

How a Successful Seasonal Business Spends its Off-Season

Seasonal businesses face a lot of challenges. With seasonal fluctuations in sales, you’re probably wondering how other stores are able …
woman crying next to bed

It Affects 6.7% of People: What to Do if You Have An Employee with Depression

Potential Work Accommodations for Depression Mike has always showed up to the office about ten minutes late, but he has …
men in workplace in front of desktops talking

Saying No at Work Can Be a Good Thing: Here’s How to Master It

Why Saying No to Work Can Be Important As an entrepreneur, “hard work” is your middle name and you have …
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A Guide to Customer Retention (It Costs 5-7 Times More to Gain a Customer than to Keep One)

Have a Plan to Retain Your Current Customers Whatever type or size of business you have, customer retention should always …
woman holding up open sign behind window

Small Business Saturday Rakes in $20B: Here’s How to Prepare

Small Business Saturday is a great way to support local business, including your own. You can thank American Express for …
laptop against abstract wall with logo design on screen

Rebranding? How to Create a Logo According to Our Designers

Understanding the Design Process We are exposed to hundreds of logos daily, and yet some seem to stand out more …
people standing against wall with shopping bags

12 Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Sell Big Time

Want to sell big? Follow these top-notch Black Friday marketing ideas! Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, and you know what …
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