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Empowering Employees

Empower your team for success. Explore strategies to elevate employee potential.

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graphic describing how to handle a difficult customer. "Listen, Empathy, Never Yell, Keep your word" are a few tips illustrated in this image.

Dealing with Difficult Customers? At Least It Can Make For a Good (Horror) Story

Anyone that has worked with customers or clients knows that eventually they will have a customer that is upset or …
interviewer giving interview in room

Interview Questions to Ask a Nervous Candidate

If you are currently growing your business, this may be one of the first times that you find yourself in …
people around table having meeting in conference room

(It’s not Counter-Intuitive) How to Hold Productive Meetings

Eight Pieces of Advice to Assist You with Making Your Next Meeting Meaningful. Your calendar is an inexhaustible list of …
people sitting in art gallery having a discussion

Simple Strategies that Lead to the Highest Employee Retention Rates

Focusing on employee retention makes a huge impact to your bottom line Retaining Your Most Valuable Employees When an employee …
shot of modern office with employees working at desks

5 Easy Ways to Create a Functional Work Space for Your Business

You know when you walk into a space and immediately get an overwhelming feeling? The feeling might be positive or …
glasses sitting inside of open book on top of bed sheets

The Best Books About Business are Timeless—Start with These

No business owner is perfect, and we believe that there is always something new to learn or something to improve …
woman writing in journal

The Simplest Tips to Improve Your Business Communications

“If there’s a way to do it better…Find it.” – Thomas Edison” It can probably be said that every business …
man with watch adjusting tie on suit

Be the Best Business Owner You Can Be with these 5 Values

“In leadership, character is more important than strategy…” Some people are born to be leaders, and others learn. Owning a …
steaming teacup sitting on top of journal on bed

Stay Inspired at Work with these Core Values

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr. Working the same …
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