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person drinking coffee in front of laptop on table

Stick to These Simple Rules to Improve Your Blog

This one’s for you, bloggers! …
Why Acumen Connections is the Right Choice for your Seasonal Business

Introducing Payment Processing for Seasonal Businesses

Why should you choose Acumen Connections? Let us tell you …
unlit lightbulb against a dark background surrounded by a drawn think cloud

How to Hone Your Small Business Ideas

If coming up with a new business idea was baking, this would be your recipe …
Two bartenders attending to a busy bar

Use These Mindsets in Your Customer Service Techniques

Business has changed so dramatically over the past 100 years, even the last 50 years. From ‘ma & pop’ stores …
A crowd of people standing near food truck

The Competition Between Food Trucks and Restaurants

While it is nearly impossible to operate a restaurant solely online, there is a new age of “restaurants” that are …
Business man holding blank business card

Are Business Cards Irrelevant? Here’s Why We Still Believe In Them

“Does anybody really use business cards anymore?”. I get why they’re handy, obviously, but when we are living in a …
Title image for “The Positive Impact of New Technology on Business”. White text on gray background. A semi-transparent image shows a man at work using a laptop and utilizing new technologies for his job.

A Look at the Positive Impact of Technology on Business

The alarm goes off on your phone and before climbing out of bed you check emails, get a news update, …
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