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Instagram post with notification icons surrounding it. Title "How influencer marketing can help small businesses"

70% of Businesses Say Influencer Marketing Earns their Best Traffic: Here’s How to Get Started

How to get started with influencer marketing for small business …
"How to increase traffic to your Shopify store"

Get More Shopify Store Traffic By Focusing On the Basics

I’m going to show you a list of ways you can increase your Shopify store traffic. Follow these tips to …
Fingers on the keys of a typewriter

Find Your Brand Story With These Questions

Brand storytelling is becoming an integral part of successful marketing strategies. Learn how to write a brand story that connects …
8 Steps to Implement Social Media Marketing for Small Business Blog Thumbnail

8 Steps to Use Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Want to leverage social media for small business? Keep reading! The thing about marketing is that it is an ever-changing …
hand holding coffee cup

4 Key Ways Businesses Connect With Customers

Four fundamentals to make your business feel like a real person Starbucks is pretty standard for coffee. But Starbucks does …
credit card terminal on desk next to laptop

A Look Behind Credit Card Processor Pricing

Know how payment processors price their services before making a switch Card swipes have shaped the way we pay. Nearly …
man talking on phone outside in front of laptop

5 Signs You Should Switch Your Payment Processor

When is the right time to switch payment processors? Is now the right time to switch your credit card processing …
Woman shopping with face mask on during COVID-19

A List of Ways Businesses Adapted to COVID-19 Trends

In a time that is continually changing, it can be hard to distinguish trends from fads and identify which trends …
Business Loans and Working Capital Options illustration

Kansas, The Best Small Business Loans Can Be Fast, Too

At Acumen Connections we offer small business loans to help your company achieve its big dreams. We provide working capital …
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