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Are Business Cards Irrelevant in 2018?

“Does anybody really use business cards anymore?”. I get why they’re handy, obviously, but when we are living in a society that you could just as easily add someone’s contact information to your smart phone as you could be taking their card, are they worth the hassle? I took a dive into business cards to prove (or disprove) their relevance.

The Importance of Work/Life Balance

Whether you are a CEO, college-student or stay at home parent, creating a harmonious work-life relationship is crucial to leading a fulfilling life. According to study by CNN in 2015, Americans working full-time are averaging around 47 hours a week with about 30% of the work force working on Saturday and/or Sunday.

How Technology Changed the Way We Do Business

The alarm goes off on your phone and before climbing out of bed you check emails, get a news update, and take account of the weather for the day. Drive to the office while you’re streaming the latest hit from your phone to your car via Bluetooth. Work is filled with analyzing reports that are updated in real-time, participating in meetings via conference calls with people all over the country, and tracking the customer’s step-by-step journey as they utilize your website. Go home and check your social media profiles on your phone while streaming a show straight to your TV. This is an average day in the life of an average individual in 2018.

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