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8 steps for the perfect social media strategy

Give people what they want — a human connection. Overnight, the world turned upside down. Everything changed. Teams scrambled to rewrite everything from team meetings to large-scale projects. Efficiencies swept into focus. Human connection became an afterthought. It’s not all a fault. In a scramble to rewrite the playbooks, marketers left human connection on the …

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Reaching New Customers Through Your Facebook Business Page

We have talked in length about the importance of your business having a presence on social media. While some social media networks are better than others, there is no argument among marketers that if a business was to choose just one network to engage with customers, it should be Facebook.

After getting your Facebook page set up, it’s important to know that you must work your page in order for it to benefit you. Simply setting up a page and forgetting about it will not reap that benefits of social media that are available. Luckily for you, maintaining a social presence is simple and there are tools to help you succeed. Below you will find six ways to leverage your Facebook Business Page to grow your online presence.

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